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    Designjet 510 Paper Not Found

    This started by leaving big blank spots in the print. I suspected the encoder disc sensor, tested it, and it failed the test.

    I replaced the encoder disc sensor, and started printing again. Again, I have a blank spot, but not nearly as big or erratic. It happens every so many inches.

    But it stopped printing in the middle of the print with a "paper not found" message.

    I tried reloading paper, and the paper advances forward a little, the carriage does not pop out with that light on, and it gives me "paper not found" again.

    The paper path sensor seems to work, because it does react when I put paper in the machine. It just won't complete loading it.

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    Designjet 510 Paper Not Found

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    Re: Designjet 510 Paper Not Found

    Did you replace the roller encoder disc too? Or just the encoder? Did you clean the disc? Almost all paper advance issues are due to the disc and encoder.

    I'm not sure on the paper not found message though, if that can be caused by the roller encoder/disc or not.. I've not experienced that. I would think it would be a result of the carriage 'looking' for the paper with the line sensor, but you say the carriage doesn't move.. so I'm inclined to think you still have a roller encoder/disc problem.


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