I had an M525 that had the bad wiring harness. Cust chose to order a whole new DF. Brand new... not 'refurb'. So I installed it, but the pickup motor won't turn. You know, when you open and close the top cover, the PU motor turns to lift the PU roller out of the way. That isn't happening. If I force a piece of paper in there, the light goes on indicating there is paper in the DF. When I press copy, there's a pause, then I get a DF jam. The pickup motor never turns.

I thought maybe it was a bad DF. I know it was unlikely, but I convinced parts guy to send another one. Same shit. I installed it on another machine, but not a M525. It was a color machine, and I can't remember the model. The PU motor works fine.

So what next? The formatter? The DF plugs directly into that on the M525. On the other machine it plugs into something else.