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Thread: hp 4250

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    hp 4250

    Dose anyone know what code c-49 2s90 means? thanks for the help.

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    Quote Originally Posted by long1031 View Post
    Dose anyone know what code c-49 2s90 means? thanks for the help.
    Re-seat the formatter! and does it happen with every print job or is it intermittent (corrupt job). Good Luck!


    To continue turn off then on

    A critical firmware error has occurred that
    caused the processor on the formatter to
    abort the operation.

    This type of error can be caused by invalid
    print commands, corrupt data, or invalid

    In some instances, electrical noise in the
    cable can corrupt data during transmission
    to the printer. Other causes include poor quality
    parallel cables, poor connections, or
    specific software programs.

    Sometimes, the formatter itself is at fault,
    which is usually indicated by a 79 Service

    After performing the actions above,
    proceed with the following:

    1 Turn the printer on.

    2 If the error message disappears,
    reinstall each DIMM and EIO device
    individually, making sure to turn the
    printer power off and then on again as
    you install each device. To replace
    a DIMM, see Firmware DIMM
    (LJ 4200/4300 only).

    3 Replace the DIMM or EIO device that
    caused the error message.

    4 Remember to reconnect all of the
    cables that connect the printer to the
    network or computer.

    5 If this error message persists, replace
    the firmware DIMM. See Firmware
    DIMM (LJ 4200/4300 only).

    6 Replace the formatter assembly. See
    Formatter assembly .

    I'm going back to Cali, Cali, Cali...

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