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    HP M2727nf Scanner Error 8


    Have an HP M2727nf which displays Scanner Error 8, Power Off then Power On on the display, which doesn't fix it. Looks like the scanner isn't able to locate the home position. Any one have any information on this?

    Don't really like these units, have seen quite a few relatively new one's with different problems.

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    I've never had this problem, but the service manual doesnt have any information about this issue other than turn off/on. Sometimes I look in another manual of a similar machine, because HP keeps the same errors usually. If its still under warranty, I would try to get a replacement.

    Scanner X Error, Cycle Power
    For this error I found this:

    The scanner assembly has experienced an
    internal error. X = # (see below)
    1 = dark find
    2 = LMW temp find
    3 = bulb warm up from off
    4 = bulb warm up from coarse
    5 = cal label find
    6 = doc original find
    7 = LMW final find
    8 = cal label find after scan
    9 = cal label find prior to standby
    10 = doc original find prior to standby
    11 = bulb warm up from standby

    The service manual suggested this:

    Turn the all-in-on off, and then on.

    If a surge protector is being used, remove it.
    Plug the product directly into the wall socket.
    Use the power switch to turn the product on.

    If the error persists, replace the scanner
    If the error persists, replace the formatter.

    Hope this helps you.

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