Hi All,

Just looked at a HP P4515X with very slow printing problems. When printing from the PC, the data light flashes, print job clears the queue and the machines sounds like it is warming/calibrating itself and then... it whines down and then warms up/re-calibrates itself and does this for up to 5mins and eventually prints out - print quality is fine... If there were multiple jobs in the queue (which have all left the clue by the time the first job prints out), all jobs will print out in quick succession. If the printer is left idle for about a minute, then the whole procedure begins again when the next print job is done. Internal test prints do the same thing.. slow to print out with multiple warm ups/calibrates before eventually printing out...

the machine has done 150K pages so not quite there yet with the maintenance interval. One thing i noticed is that the machine does show a little fusing problem or ghosting in some cases so i'm tending to think that the fuser isnt heating up enough thus the reason why it is taking so long? I too initially thought that maybe it could be a PCU problem as the machine is trying to calibrate itself however the print quality is fine and the PCU has about 8K pages left on.

A little more info, the print media is just normal 80GSM plain paper..so it is not a media problem...

any suggestions would be great. thank you.

Kind Regards,