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    HP Laserjet 5550 error 54.16 help!

    Hi all

    I have an erroro 54.16 on a HP LJ5550 but this is not listed in the SM. . . . .

    Many thanks

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    I've had techs reporting unusual error codes like this on the 5500/5550 series. I will tell you the same thing I told them.

    Print the PQ Troubleshooting sheets, located in the Diagnostics Menu. This will isolate colors for defects and the configuration page has a series of L's in all of the 4 corners to check color registration. If there is a problem, perform an engine test to rule out the formatter. (hole in cover on left side is for running the engine test)

    Possible Causes:
    1. 54 errors have to do with sensors not reading density, color registration, or sensing toner.
    2. 80% of problems with all color lasers are related to dirty sensors.
    3. The dc controller reads information from sensors, compares this info with voltages applied, and makes adjustments accordingly.

    Possible Resolutions:
    Even though it is a different error, the problem should be in the same family. Clean all your sensors, especially the color registration detection sensor asm (located under the control panel). Clean all cartridge contacts in the machine and on the cartridges. Perform Full Calibration 3 Times. Replace all cartridges and transfer belt. Replace the color registration detection sensor asm. Replace the dc controller. After replacing any of the items I've listed here, perform 3 full calibrations.

    I hope this helps you. Please post what fixes the problem. None of the techs I've tried to help ever contacted me with the actual resolution. It would be nice to know.

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    Re: HP Laserjet 5550 error 54.16 help!

    This was super helpful for me! I used your post to help me find this video.

    Thank you so much! You saved me time and money.

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