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    M5035 MFP Light Prints

    I have been to look at the above printer and am getting light copies/prints
    the copies/prints don't seem to have much density any ideas ?

    The pm kit was replaced 70k ago and the toner has done 15% of its life (had problem before this was changed)

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    Re: M5035 MFP Light Prints

    I assume this is when printing from menus not when making a copy from the ADF:

    1. Make sure economode is not on.
    2. Clean all cartridge contacts.
    3. (90% chance this is your problem) Remove laser scanner, hold up to light and with a lint free swab clean mirrors and lenses. Do not use cleaners. Be gentle. Dirty mirrors or lenses can make print light.
    4. Change cartridge.

    After that the only other things it could be are HVPS and DC controller.

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    M5035 MFP Light Prints

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    Re: M5035 MFP Light Prints

    This Parts & Service manual can be purchased for $12.77 and downloaded immediately after payment from

    Just Manuals ~ The Internet's largest selection of manuals ~ Instant Downloads

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    Re: M5035 MFP Light Prints

    I usually find that the user has been messing with the default darkness setting.
    The darkness adjustment goes from Zero to 8. Most people think that the higher the number the darker the print, it's actually the other way around with Zero being the darkest setting.
    This has solved the problem pretty much every time

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