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    BrotherIntellifax 4750LighCopy

    Drum cartridge is old, toner cartridge is new.
    Machine test use function mode to print report, very good, but when you make a copy, it is very light. I did cleaned scan glass.

    Why is report print is good, the copy test is light.

    I need a new drum cartridge??


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    Re:BrotherIntellifax 4750LighCopy

    I realize that you cleaned the glass, but did you clean the mirrors under the glass? Hope this helps. Have a nice day!!!

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    Re:BrotherIntellifax 4750LighCopy

    did you reset the scanner area from inside maintence mode,,,,this will also help with light copies.
    goto maintence mode then press 91(system initialization),then make a copy while in maintence mode (this is so when you reset the scanner it has a fresh image to referrence), then press 55(scanner area reset) this should help you out

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