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Some good points. I'm very familiar with what the half stop test provides whether it is drum, transfer rollers, contacts, high voltage and such. This device had factory components until I changed them and has really had this issue for a long time. And I am certain that the transfer roller I installed was aftermarket. If I have to deal with it again I may request an OEM to eliminate a possible issue there. Thanks

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I actually fought a machine, same model, kicking my butt. As it turned out I went through three different toner carts, stopped the paper halfway, yep its the drum, sure enough the drum would have speckles and toner stuck to it. Stuck to it I said to myself ? What the heck! I cant figure that out. I would clean the drum but it would come back. I am thinking how in the world can it stick to the drum, you know melt to it. The fans must not be working? but it would tell me that in an error, either case I checked all the fans. I could not believe it was the transfer roller. Sure enough I am not sure now if it is toner that was sticking to the drum or part of the transfer roller. Because of the design it left on the drum it look like the transfer roller. The pores and all. Somehow a chemical process occurred with the surface of the drum and it melted the transfer roller to the drum. Now this occurs to this particular printer because it is not used very often. I have others out there with no problem at all. I have noticed lately that third party parts are becoming more and more not of good quality. It is becoming frustrating. The 400/4050 kits, the rubber on the rollers are on backwards. I complained to the company, their reply: I am the only one complaining.
Some tread on other kits are too aggressive and just poor quality. The rm1-0037 type. Oh and the sep pad that comes in the kits, just as well toss them, they dont work. RL1-0007 oem is what to use. Somehow with envelopes they jam, as soon as I replace them with an oem part, instantly stops. Yes of course it has a third party feed roller. I never replace one without the other due to the clearance between the two. If either one is worn the gap widens to allow either no feed or double feed. Just stuff like that drives me nuts, you expect a new part to work without any thought. Instead you are creating problems by trying to eliminate them. If you do the firmware be very patient. Dont think it is hung up or anything as you look at the screen. Just let it do its thing. It taker a long time sometimes up to about 10 minutes or so. When it is done and your patience are about to wear thin it will reboot. Then you know it will be done.
The latest firmware as of now is 4_191_1. (35862 KB) in size.