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    Re: cp3525 with 59.f0 error

    Quote Originally Posted by theengel View Post
    I hate to point this out, but if you had gotten down to the main drive assembly, and then pulled out the solenoid instead of actually taking off the fuser drive, you would be working again.

    They're making these stupid color machines impossible to fix. Like they do with some cars--riveting parts together so that no once can fix them.
    Ya I agree, I just didn't want to have to pull off that main assembly and deal with gears being misaligned on the main when I went to put it back. I forgot to mention there was a little bit of white gear shavings from the fuser drive so I didn't have much of a choice but to pull it off.

    There definitely making them harder to work on.

    What a horrible job to do, looking forward to the second unit with same issue. Lol

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    Re: cp3525 with 59.f0 error

    Just finished my ninth fuser drive assembly over the last three years. At the point now where the manual isn't needed. Attached are pictures of the solenoid from the failed drive assembly. The pad doesn't look squashed, there's no sticky residue. Maybe just a failed solenoid mechanically?


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    Re: cp3525 with 59.f0 error

    I've had the same issue as the rest, 59.f0. Upon disassembly it became obvious that the fuser drive solenoid was at fault. I remedied that and put it back together but now I'm getting 52.00 at power on. I checked the event log and there are other errors too.

    In total it shows:

    This seems to indicate failure every laser scanner simultaneously, which sounds ludicrous. Obviously I re-checked all the connectors on the DC controller, but they're in place.

    If I run a component tests on a laser scanner I hear the high-pitch whir of the motor beginning to spin up, but then it immediately loses power and spins back down. This occurs on every color. Except for once. I tested the magenta and it seemed to spin for a sustained length one time. Feeling that I had no other option, I replaced the DC controller to no avail. And now I'm stumped.


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