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Thread: NEW PRCB C5501

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    NEW PRCB C5501

    After a first diagnosis of one of our colleagues! He found that it is necessary to test the PRCB!

    When I assembled the new PRCB! The machine gave me an error code (C-C101)
    I tried to install the firmware but! Do not pass! All the time (error during download <196>)

    Note that there is a large difference between the 2 cards (A03UH0302C and the other A03UH0302H)

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    NEW PRCB C5501

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    Re: NEW PRCB C5501

    what country?
    in US its A03UR75911
    the last 2 digits are revision numbers.


    1. When the sub power switch (SW2) is ON, no response is received from the Printer Control Board (PRCB) within the specified time because ICP23 on PRCB is OPEN.
    Check for any pinched, shorted or cut wires. Check installation of transfer units. Replace the failed DRPS (p/n A03U R736 00) and PRCB (p/n A03U R7B5 00).
    Note: If unable to locate ICP23 (2.3A fusable link), it can be found in the lower left section of the PRCB near connector CN301. Check the wirng on all 5VDC connectors for pinched or shorts to ground using the PRCB connector diagram below.

    2. Transfer drive motor M18 has failed, connector was not seated properly, or connector and/or wiring from PRCB to motor has been damaged.
    Check connections and wiring from PRCB to M18. Replace the PRCB (p/n A03U R7B5 00) and also M18 if necessary (p/n 27LA 8001 2E). If the wiring is damaged

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