Customer called this morning with an error 52-01 on a Konica 2230. I have done a couple of calls on this machine for this customer in last 6 months.

One was for quality(cleaned mirrors etc) and other for damage slider in tray causing paper to be loose and skew/jam.

I know this is a 20 year old machine and it looks like this code may have something to do with one of the fans. This is one of those machines that
were installed by TRW in the stationery stores and has no doc feeder but customer controls usage from behind counter.

My inclination is to sell customer another machine, used but low count. Can any machine be hooked up to there system which allows store owner from
behind counter to allow customers use of machine and it tracks meter as well so they know what to charge. Any help is appreciated.

Customer would rather have machine repaired. Frank