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This is EXACTLY the situation I found. A set of 20 pages going through but only 15 or so are being scanned. It does not happen with clean sheets of fresh new paper but originals laying around for some time and also originals being folded previously show this behavior. Especially during scanning, less with copying because of the lower scan speed.

Playing with the separator roller spring did in my case the trick. Trimming the mylar too is an interesting tip however.

I'm still interested to see that bulletin about it.

At first I play with tension spring too; set it on higher pressure position. It was better but didn't solve the problem in my case.
Separation roller was pretty good.
I replaced separation roller together with torsion spring. After that no double feed.

My conclusion: torsion spring (which is not visible) was broken, and that could happend by pulling the paper in oposite direction by force (paper was not released).