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    BH-C-360, jam 2021, 2022 from PC207.

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    BH-C-360, jam 2021, 2022 from PC207.

    BH-C-360, jam 2021, 2022 from PC207.

    Trade in with only 70k on the clock. Basic machine is working OK but the additional PC-207 cassette has 9 out of 10 a jam from either tray #3 or #4. Paper just reaches tray 3 vertical transport sensor PS117 giving jam code 20-21 or tray 4 vertical transport sensor PS 126 giving jam code 20-22. Very rarely the paper passes through without problems.

    What did I do:
    -Latest greatest firmware
    -Trying another PC-207 cassette from a working machine.
    -Trying another PWB-MC from a working machine
    -Trying another hookup harness cassette>machine body.

    All without success.

    What I did not do yet:
    -Trying another PCB-MFP
    -Wishing I was a watchmaker repairing nice watches only without having to drag ugly heavy machines.
    -Cussing out loudly......

    Any ideas guys? Did I overlook something?

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