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    KOnica C1060 IC-415

    Hello Guys,

    Anyone can share how to reload the Fiery System Software for IC-415?

    I already have the system software with me version 2.1.
    PC to LAN connection on Fiery Lan port
    Set DIP/SW 1 - ON and DIP/SW 2 - OFF

    IS that all? Then Fiery Setup from CDROM?

    Thanks in advance

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    Re: KOnica C1060 IC-415

    Old post but in case someone else comes across this. Easiest to reload IC-415 using the usb option. Dip sw 1 to 0. Put system software on usb drive and insert into service port. Power up the fiery and walk away. It will load automatically. Takes about a half hour or so.

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