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    Bizhub c454e can not access web browser

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    Re: Bizhub c454e can not access web browser

    Quote Originally Posted by bratpit View Post
    I did not check. Will I find where the instructions are in which place is the hard drive?
    location of parts in parts manual

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    Re: Bizhub c454e can not access web browser

    If you bought this as a refurb and the seller did not tell you the HDD had been removed, I would go back to them and demand they fix this. If you bought as-is, you are probably better of without it..Once you get the HDD back installed, it will need to be formatted, and then you will start getting the "no movie data found" message, and you will be back here trying to find someone willing to supply it. If you wan to go that route you need a 3.5 SATA drive at least 250 GB, you will also need a data and power cable, the data cable is standard, but not sure you can find a power cable off the shelf. There is also mounting hardware that is needed unless you want the drive just hanging by the cables. E

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