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    tips for bizhub c284e

    hi, I bought some used bizhub c284e.
    I know these series has had some problems in the past but now I'm trying to fix them.

    For now I'm cleaning, resetting and updating to firmware version 7 GDH-M1. I unfortunately don't have much experience with this model, being quite old.

    At the moment they don't seem to have problems. What do you recommend trying to test these printers to make them available again? I will certainly see the consumables to be changed but I do not know much about their past.

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    Re: tips for bizhub c284e

    Hard to really say what's going on without knowing the full history. I'd start with the basics like the consumables, feed rollers etc. Check the error logs for codes and jams.

    Clean them good, update the FW and they should be good to go. These are solid series of MFPs, and imo among the best Konica has produced.

    The big issues they had early on were mainly electronic like SSD and HDD failures, and there was an ADF cable redesign on the dual scan DF. It was changed from 8mm cable to 4mm I believe.

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