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    C451 3001 jam code folding paper

    got a c451 that jams sometimes with a 3001 code

    paper is folded in half in fuser with full image on paper never gets to exit switch

    cleaned all sensors 2nd sheet is at the reg switch

    weird problem

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    I`ve had this fault on a C250/C550 and a C253 and in all cases it was caused by poor quality paper. If the paper is either poor general quality or has been affected by high humidity it will fold over on itself just after the registration roller but before the transfer roller. It eventually gets forced passed the transfer roller and in the case of a C451 into the fuser before the jam code kicks in and the machine stops. Sometimes it will fold just after the transfer roller which is why you get a complete image on the paper. In all my cases after replacing the customers paper with some from our office, the jams stopped happening straight away.
    Hope this helps.

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    when opening and closeing the right side door does any part of the door that glides right under the fuser unit touch? if so paper will fold. what happend to me was the plate that the fuser sits on was sagging just enough that the plastic papar guids attached to the plate were catching the paper . i lifted the plate and twisted plate outword just a hair.

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