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    How to set default Domain for Fax/Scan on Bizhub 250

    We have a few Bizhub 250's that we use to scan to e-mail. However, we use this process to e-mail the scanned documents (pdf) to an address like this The e-mail hits the Exchange server which converts the pdfs so they can be sent to an external fax machine at the number 718-460-6700. We are using the Bizhub as a fax machine without using the analog phone line.

    So we do this on the Bizhub by hitting the Fax/Scan button, then enter 9 1 718 460 6700. Then we have to specify the Domain, which can be selected such as and then we hit the Start button to complete the scan and send.

    This works well, but is their a way to already have the already entered before the user enters the phone number? Or, can the domain already be assumed? If this were the case, then this behavior of scanning and sending to a number would be nearly identical to how our users are used to faxing on the old fax machine which is soon to bite the dust.

    Any ideas?

    Thanks for considering.


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    How to set default Domain for Fax/Scan on Bizhub 250

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    Well Mark, have you been to the K-M site to see if there are any issues on this problem? Have you downloaded and read the user's manual?

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    How to set default Domain for Fax/Scan on Bizhub 250

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    Set up one email address on any free site.
    Set up all your machines authentication to the account that use scan to email to your free email.
    Check that email once a week to check for failed emails.
    All the scan to email have the same settings that you can memorize with no problem, and set up in seconds.
    This lets you monitor problems with your customers, and you look like a GURU.

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