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    konicaminolta bizhub500 error code C-B003


    Konicaminolta bizhub500 display error code C-B003, I can't clear it and remove FK-502 too.

    Any help???


    jack smith.

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    konicaminolta bizhub500 error code C-B003

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    Did you try to reset it holding Utility button down? Also, try to reinstall it and follow all the steps from the Installation Manual. Anyway, how did you end up with this code?
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    See if the machine will start without the code if you set the fax to "not installed" in the System 2 Option setting. If it does, reset it to "installed" and do the fax board "initilization". The fax board may be bad if the "initilization" doesn't work.

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    I have not installation manual,
    Machine returned to normal after changed the parameters storage board .
    Machine Settings have problem!

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    TAUS0647541EN* Solution Usage 13
    C-B003 (CB003) code.
    1. The fax board is installed in the incorrect slot. Install the fax board in the rearmost slot.

    2. The Fax (Sub) was set to SET at installation. Change the Fax (Sub) to Unset in Service Mode by performing the following:
    a. Access the Service Mode.
    b. Select the Option Board Status.
    c. Select UNSET of Fax (Sub).
    d. Select End and Exit to return to copy screen.

    3.The FK-502 board is not seated properly. Remove and reseat the fax board.

    bizhub C451/C550/C650

    4. Poor connection between the Fax board and the PCI board. Ensure the connection between the Fax board and PCI board is secure.
    Note : Please use the attached document on how to check the connection between the Fax board and PCI board.

    5. The mounting brace for the PCI interface board into whichthe FK-502connectshas been pushed back, not making a complete connection.
    Note : C-B016 code may also be indicated.
    Reform the mounting brace for the PCI interface board and ensure that the FK-502 is properly seated intothe connection.If the problem persists initialize the Fax board
    (Service Mode\Fax\Initialization).

    6. Fax misconfiguration. The fax option isenabled when there is no fax kit installed.
    Disablethe fax option:
    a. Enter the Service mode.
    b. Select System 2.
    c. Select option Board Status.
    d. Check that Fax Circuit 1 and Circuit 2 are set to UNSET.
    e. Touch End andback out of Service mode.
    f. Power cycle the machine using the main power switch.

    bizhub C552/C652

    7. The fax PWB was installed in the incorrect slot. When installing the fax PWB, it should be in the left slot when viewed from the right side of the copier. That slot is labeled "1" in the attached image. If the dual line kit is to be installed, that PWB would be installed in the right slot. That slot is labeled "2" in the attached Fax Install photo.

    bizhub C351/C450

    8. PWB-PCI board (p/n 4037 0141 03) is damaged during installation. If the PWB-PCI board is inserted into the middle slot instead of the rear slot, or if the board is mishandled, damage to the board may occur.
    Notes :
    a.Damage may be caused by scratching the board with Board Guide when installing PWB-PCI and Board Guide.
    b. C-B001 may also be indicated and it is impossible to send/receive a fax.
    Replace PWB-PCI (a part of MK-703 used for connection with optional board) taking care not to scratch or damage the board. Please refer to attached documentation for details.

    bizhub C250

    9. Power supply (PU1) problem.
    Replace the DC power supply(p/n 4038 6201 02). SPECIAL NOTE : Solution contribution byDavid Hansen, KMBS/Seattle.

    bizhub 600/750

    10. The FK-502 was not deinstalled in Tech Rep mode SYSTEM 2 when removed. Deinstall the FK-502 in Tech Rep mode by performing the following procedure:
    a. Power OFF the machine with the main power switch.
    b. Press and hold the Utility Key and power ON the machine. Hold the Utility key until the Konica Minolta logo appears and or Trouble reset.
    c. Press Trouble Reset and enter Stop 0, 0 Stop, 0, 1. Press System 2 and then FAX.
    d. Select Fax Not Installed.

    bizhub 361/421/501

    11. FK-502 firmware is below version 10.
    Please install FK-502 version 10 firmware or above to prevent the intermittent display of a C-B003.The latest version firmware or system software is available via the Konica Minolta Download Selector. Access the Selector from SSD Web Support (CS Expert Support) by clicking on 'Download MSDS, Drivers, Firmware and more'.

    bizhub 360/420/500/361/421/501

    12. Internal softwarefor the circuit board of ML-503 (FAX multi-line KIT) has been changed for bizhub 501/421/361. When using the previous ML-503 (before the modification), the FK-502 might not recognize the ML-503.
    Use the modified ML-503 whichcan be used for bizhub 501/421/361 and bizhub 500/420/360. The modified ML-503 has a yellow tag seal on the side of the box as shown. Please refer to attached documentation for ML-503 installation procedure.

    13. The machine may display a C-B003 after the ML-503 is installed if the switch on the second fax kit has not been set to Line 2. Please confirm SW2 on the second FK-502 is set to Line 2. Refer to the attached ML-503 InstallationManual providing the location of SW2 (page E-2).

    bizhub 360/420/500

    14. Problem with optional HDD if the fax option is also installed.
    To correct, please perform the following:
    a.Enter the Service mode and set thefax unit to "Uninstalled."(Service mode\System 2\Option\Fax#1)
    b. Power down machine and unplug.Disconnect thefax unit.
    c.Perform the HDD setup described on pages E-2 and E-3 of the HD-505 Installation Manual.
    d. If the setup is unsuccessful, replace the HD-505 (Item #16GA).
    e. PowerOFF the machine.
    f. Install the Fax unit.
    g. Power onthe machineand set the fax unit to "Installed." (Service mode\System 2 \Option\Fax#1)

    h.If necessary,initialize the fax unit. (Service mode\Fax\Initialization\Fax Function Parameters)

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