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    Quote Originally Posted by Stirton.M View Post
    Depending on which model you are working with, some can be fixed by simple measures.
    This is a c550 or c650 model. HV1 will be here Monday. I changed this out last year at this time (same issue) and did not change anything. SSD had me change the prcb, HV1, clean and check every contact for the iu's, ohm the harness, recheck the connections on the hv1, flash the machine (only one version back at the time). After all this I replaced the transfer belt unit and the iu at the same time. This fixed it for over 8 months. Then the iu needed to be replaced and now it is back again.

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    Though it likely will not fix your problem, it might help you deal with the short term.....


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    Between 40 - 90% one or All Color Fading in Main-Scannig direction, each 2 mm, especially with thick paper?

    This happens with all these models C250/C252/C351/C450/C451/C550/C650.

    In the (C451/C550/C650) the problem seems to come from the transfer belt, I had repeated calls by this problem .. and well as they say here .. everything and was replaced with a good result at first, but eventually reappears.

    Personally I found that the Drive Gear (A00J-Gear 25/25T 2282-00) of theTransfer Belt Cleaning unit was vibrating, it can be seen removing the left cover and then remove the metal Left Cover, right there where is the warning of laser units.

    and the other as C250/C252/C351/C450/ can be a problem of Transfer Belt Unit or Stabilization Control.

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    Re: C451 spoiling Imaging Units

    Any update on this?

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    C451 spoiling Imaging Units

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    Re: C451 spoiling Imaging Units

    Quote Originally Posted by inutelkamo View Post
    Any update on this?
    last post was 7 years ago.
    may be best to start your own thread.

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    C451 spoiling Imaging Units

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    Re: C451 spoiling Imaging Units

    Lol very old model now!

    I used to see this issue a lot, the fix was the black IU bracket, update fw & keep the machine spotless (remove all iuís & itb then vacum inside)

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