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Thread: secure printing

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    secure printing

    We have encoutered a problem with the secure printing in bizhub C353.when I enter document ID & the Password in the Secure print box in the machine (the same ID & Password that I entered in the printer driver), it shows " failed to authenticate" in the panel.

    We have already tried to change the Printer Priver, Upgrade the machine firmware to latest version.We initialized the machine (data clear) and logical format the HDD.. but still the problem exist..

    Your technical advice is highly appreciated..

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    Well first thought is where are you putting in this info? Is account track setup on machine is this where u r trying? If so it is the incorrect place. I believe the secure printing is under the box function. Been awhile since I last used it.

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    Yes, secure printing is indeed a box function, specifically the system box tab, secure print button..

    The printer driver uses two separate name and password fields, specific to authentication and account track management on the machine. The function is to control who can print to the device, whether or not they can print in colour, scan and other functions related to controlling usage, and the other simply to track paper usage and control how much paper can be used. Authentication and account track must be enabled on the copier, and appropriate user name and pass codes preset on the device. The driver, if properly configured for two way communication, will allow the user to "test" the login name and password prior to use, an immediate response will indicate success or failure of the entered information.

    Secure print is a separate function to this, completely independent of the above, a pull down menu under output method. The name and password to secure print can be anything, they do not have to be pre-established, nor the same from one print job to the next. The whole point of secure print is to allow the user to prevent the print job without them being present at the machine, and be able to print the file on demand, again, from the system box area of the user box screen. A good example is someone who works in HR, but shares a pool printer device with others who are not authorized to see those prints.

    Alternatively, what I prefer is to use custom user boxes, preset with a password of the user's choice. They can print to their user box as they need. And later print from their user box by entering their own password. The advantage is that they do not have to remember the name and pass code they chose arbitrarily for secure print. Secure print, the use of the same name and password more than once for consecutive prints will overwrite the previous secure print if it had not been printed prior to sending the next secure print. The use of a user box, the jobs can be saved indefinitely, or deleted at an arbitrary time after, using the first in, first out protocol.

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    This is the procedure we did in printing via " secure printing"

    1.Click print.
    2.Click printing preferences.
    3.Select general tab.
    4.Select secure print from the pull down.
    5.Fill in the user data, (Document ID & Password).
    6.Click Print..
    Then go to the MFP
    7.Press User Box button
    8.Touch "File Document" on the touchscreen panel.
    9.Touch "System User Box" on the touchscreen panel.
    10.Touch "Secure Print User Box" on the touchscreen panel.
    11.Touch "OK"
    12.Input the DOCUMENT ID for the secure print document.
    13.Iput the PASSWORD for the secure print document.
    But after this step it will show " FAILED TO AUTHENTICATE"....

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    Change step 8 to "use document"
    "file document" is to move to send to another box. Secure print does not allow this depending on admin settings.

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    firstly can the workstation actually print to the copier, no secure print/user boxes. can it actually output a basic job (test print)?

    my concern is that the ID and or password are being misspelled. try more simple ID/PW (ie 1 and 1) that way you can prove that the spelling isn't the fault. it really bugs me the number of times i get fault calls where the secure print isn't working, only to find that the operator is using a 30-something character ID and a different 30-something password. and then spelling it wrong either at the workstation or at the MFD. those tiny little keyboards are not very precise, so the shorter the password the better. even better still: use numbers. that way you can use the hard numerical keyboard and actually feel that you have pressed the right key. !!!

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    I have seen this before on a C253 and per Konica-Minolta Tech support it is caused by a corrupt inbox. The steps you've taken should have corrected the problem. A HDD format was done here but that didn't seem to work. We then initialized the machine and that corrected the problem.
    I seem to remember another step to delete all secure print jobs through the administrator mode. I did that first before contacting Konica Minolta. I have no idea if that step is needed or not.

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