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    Print driver Preferences configuration change as client log in again day after

    This is bizar. Windows 2003 server environment. All clients , server inclusif , print driver Bizhub C360 configured to print to box (Save to User Box) by default. Nevertheless, on all XP clients when they log on in the morning, the printing preferences configuration has changed to normal printing again. This only happens on xp clients, while Windows 7 or Vista or even XP clients on laptops keep the default settings in printing preferences.

    I both configured the printing preferences and the My Tab and the printing defaults (Tab Advanced in properties screen) to print to box, on the clients AND server side.

    Is this a particular xp problem or did I forget something.

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    Re: Print driver Preferences configuration change as client log in again day after

    I would be suspect of the log in script, or possibly the permissions set to the printer object for the users. I believe printer management has to be enabled for users otherwise it wont retain their preference to print to box. I have seen this before.

    Either way it 'aint your problem, its the network administrators. (this is a copier tech's forum)

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    Re: Print driver Preferences configuration change as client log in again day after

    Don't enable the Print Management security permission for anyone other than administrators as enabling users to manage the print queue then means that they can change the settings within the Printing Defaults, change ports and other options that are normally greyed out.

    Do you know exactly how the print driver is added to the client PC? As above, you might need to check their login script to see if they are adding the print drivers through there which I have done with many sites without an issue.

    If there is nothing in the login script, then I would be looking at either the Group Policy or any log off script that might be removing the printer.

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