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    c360 default printer settings

    Hello everyone. We have a c360 on the network and we are getting killed with "frivolous" color printing. I am trying to find a way to set the default color setting to Gray Scale under default settings for all users.

    Just to be clear I want this done for printing, and not copying/scanning. Also I need this to apply to everyone on the network.

    Is the AutoColor setting simply set as a default setting during the driver installation?
    Are the default settings stored with the printer or the driver?
    Is it possible to change the default setting in one place and have the changes reflected for all users besides creating a printer on a windows print server?

    Thank you for everyone's time on this.

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    c360 default printer settings

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    Re: c360 default printer settings

    Here is how to do it in the two different cases:

    Print Driver Shared from Server - On the server, go into the Printers and then the C360 Print Driver. From there, go to the Advanced Tab and click on Printing Defaults. You will then see the printer options for printing. Go to the Quality Tab and change the colour setting to Greyscale. Click on Ok to everything and get your clients to reboot their computers so that the new printing settings are reflected. You don't always have to reboot the clients as the settings will filter down eventually.

    Print Driver Installed on each Client Computer - Go to Start, Printers and Faxes or Printers (depening on your operating system) and right click on the driver and basically do everything above except under the General Tab and then Printing Preferences.

    If you have Mac Systems, then you need to save a Preset with the setting set to Greyscale.

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    Re: c360 default printer settings

    IMO...with the additional expense of color, you may want to set up "User Authentication" or "Account Track". This will prevent any color prints w/o a proper code. User Authentication can be set up to allow unrestricted B&W printing. Result...user send job in color (without code), MFP prints in B&W. Eliminates .10 charge for a blue www link in an email. If you can trust the users, then printing defaults set to grey scale should suffice.

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