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Thread: Konica 7075

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    Konica 7075

    SC36-06 error. I searched in service manual but I can't found it. That's my first problem, because the 7075 don't functions.
    The second problem is more badlly. It's about my printer IP-601.
    I have VxWorks 5.3.1 with kernel WIND 2.5
    When the IP-601 boot, I get following error:
    Error during dosFsDevInit: 380001
    ld error: unable to open "startup.o"

    I have not ideea what to do. No software and no knowledge on that OS.

    thank you.

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    Konica 7075

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    Hello you have a fuser temperature problem with 36-06
    go in to 25 mode 1.- Dip switch 3-01 and change the value 1 for 0 and tell me what will happen

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