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    Burning fingers from toner recovery box waste?

    Today I emptied out the toner recovery box from my Konica C500. First let me say I'm astounded at the amount of toner that gets wasted. I HATE that. This stuff is ridiculously expensive even on EBAY, when I'm lucky enough to find it there when I need it. Anyway... I emptied out the plastic waste box, washed it out and put it back in the machine. I got a good bit of it on my fingers. Now, 8 hours later, my fingertips seem to have a burning sensation. I'm a printer (on presses) for 30 years back. I've spent 80% of my life with stained hands from countless chemicals. It's just a part of my life. Never bothers me. Now my fingers are burning from a little powdered toner that means nothing compared to all that? Could it be so? Thank you.

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    Re: Burning fingers from toner recovery box waste?

    Go to Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) | KONICA MINOLTA Canada Just copy and paste the uloads and links are not working. You can download the MSDS (Material Safety Data Sheet) at least what is provided in CanadaYou will see that there are no known skin irritants. This is not to say that any individual could not have a sensitivity to the product.It is also possible that you had other chemicals on your hands at the time and some sort of chemical reaction occurred, causing your irritation.

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    Re: Burning fingers from toner recovery box waste?

    I think most of us that have been eating toner for a couple decades would be surprised by your reaction. Toner in itself is about as inert as it could be: just finely ground plastic particles. I've had a mixture of orange solvent and toner ground into my skin five days a week for 25 years. Go back a decade, and now you'll see some serious skin reactions. Trichloroethylene, Fedron, and all those other lovely solvents gave me spontaneous nosebleeds, and snow white hands with bloody cracks. Perhaps your machine uses a developing system in which the developer is enriched by small amounts of developer in the toner. Developer is essentially ferrite/iron, so it may be a bit abrasive. Transfer is not a 100% efficient process, and never has been. In addition a certain additional amount of toner is required to lubricate the cleaning blades, and to perform registration and toner density adjustments on color machines. This toner never makes it to a copy. Such is life. =^..^=

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