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    Question Konica/Xerox/Ricoh/Canon ImageRunner

    We are trying to decide which machine to buy for our office. A Canon/Ricoh salesman is saying that the Ricoh C5000 (brand new model) is a much more solid machine than the Canon ImageRunner C5185. We are also looking at the Konica Minolta bizhub C550 and the Xerox WorkCentre 7655.
    These are all comparable machines with the Xerox looking like the standout but what about between the others?

    With a lot of users of this discussion board fixing these machines, does anyone have a preference between these machines.

    Also can weight of a machine be considered into how good of quality it is? (ie the ricoh is quite a bit heavier than the Konica) Thanks in advance!

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    The Xerox 7655/65/75 have been fabulous machines. A few software bugs, but current FW solves that.

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    all the equipment you mentioned produces exceptional quality but you will have to test drive it yourself also a couple of questions to ask yourself such as:
    1. what will I use the equipment for? business graphics (pie chart, excel, word)
    2. or high end graphics (photoshop, indesign. acrobat etc)
    3. will I use adobe ps drivers or pcl drivers?
    4. what weight of paper will I use? and does it duplex in that paper weight?
    compare all the outputs of the equipment as well as your budget for this investment. so good luck.

    ps: a 10 pound bag of shit and a 5 pound bag of nuts and bolt, get the picture more weight does not alway determine the better quality.

    Get your facts first, and then you can distort them as much as you please.

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    Check out the new Canon iR Advance 5000 series... the colors on them are outstanding

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    My experience with Ricoh (1107, 1357, C900 all with Micropress control) would lead me to tell you run! The image quality is good but the accessories don't play well with each other or the main unit. Or the Micropress. You're in for a lot of headaches just trying to make stuff work.

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    Sounds like the canon and the konicaminolta are used..can't speak fot the Ricoh or Xerox, but the 5185 and the C550 are nice boxes..not great for print shop environments (from the tech point of view due to frequent PM calls with high usage) but from the customer viewpoint, the C550 is modular, all major print realted items are assys and are 2 min swap outs..this keeps you up and running w/o 100 parts sitting on desk while tech rebuilds. Both the KM and Canon have excellent color, the newer C552 has a dual scan docfeeder that really bumps up scan speed of 2 sided docs. Only had 1 C650/C62 that we could not fix and this one had 2.5 million before it had to go. Emujo PS, it's no secret I am a KM tech, but I have worked on Toshiba, and Canon for years so I think I can be a little unbiased.

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