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    Solution, NewFS-529 Internal Finisher misstapling

    Hi everyone,
    I just installed a new FS-529 internal finisher in a bizhub 36 MFP. Copies/prints were OK, but when testing double stapling, it would not pull the sheets back far enough on the right side (closest to user) and the staple would miss a sheet. First I went through all of the suggestions on the Konica Minolta knowledge base, and checked here, but this finisher had all of the factory modifications as it was new.

    My issue turned out to be that the right guide, which looks like a white sailboat sail (p/n A0U7PP9E02) was caught under the right guides (paddles that tap the paper to align it) A0U7PP6B01 and A0U7PP6Q0L.
    The white guide held back the paddle, and sat lower than it should, restricting the paper.

    There are two "halves" to the right guide/paddle, which is why there are two part numbers. I was able to release it easily by gently using a spring hook. No disassembly is necessary. Check this first before everything else, as it is an easy visual check if you know what to look for. This must have been assembled this way by mistake at the factory.

    Hope this helps someone else, as I can't get my 2 hours back.

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    Re: Solution, NewFS-529 Internal Finisher misstapling

    I promise you. That won't be the last time you work on that finisher.

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