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    Gar the pilot

    KM/CS 500ci Lines on drums

    Our copy center/test machine has lines on the drum when sitting over night. they look like the drum balde stuck to the drum and if ran off & on for a few days will develop a number of lines. I can clean them off with anything like Rubber roller cleaner, drum polish, Alcohol ( with a lot of scrubing) and they are back the next day it seems. once cleaned off I can run 100+ copy or prints and no problem as long as it is the same day. once its been setting all day or over night the first set of lines reappear. I have swapped the drums into diffrent units,..No Joy. Swapped drum blades from a known good unit,..No Joy I just installed Black and yellow drum units to see what happens next and have the copier unpulged until tomorrow morning to see what affect that has. I wonder if heat ( we have a hot summer going on) has anything to do with this? Any one run into this before? I have tried to search the forum the same problem and have missed it if it was covered before. These are all dieing early due to drums and belts in our area. PM kits cost too much for the boss to spring for them. time to up-grade them all it looks like.

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    KM/CS 500ci Lines on drums

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    Re: KM/CS 500ci Lines on drums

    I've seen this on the Stratos series, and I'm fairly sure that I caused it.

    One of my customers got address labels stuck on the drum. I used paraffin lamp oil to clean the drum, which worked well in the short term. But what I should have done is remove the drum from the cleaning unit before cleaning, then I should have rinsed the entire drum thoroughly with alcohol, and let it dry before re-assembly.

    Paraffin lamp oil is great for removing adhesive, and does not attack drum coatings, plastic or metal, but it does attack rubber. So within 3 days I got a callback for streaks on copies. There was an unknown substance stuck to the surface of the drum, but I cleaned off well with paraffin. Same thing again 3 days later.

    I have seen other machines do this due to age. The blade just start to break down and adheres itself to the drum surface. The only thing you can do is replace the drum units affected. =^..^=
    If you'd like a serious answer to your request:
    1) demonstrate that you've read the manual
    2) demonstrate that you made some attempt to fix it.
    3) if you're going to ask about jams include the jam code.
    4) if you're going to ask about an error code include the error code.
    5) You are the person onsite. Only you can make observations.

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    Re: KM/CS 500ci Lines on drums

    I have seen this with the fs-2626 drums. only thing, is it comes and goes regarless of cleaning. Take a magifying glass of loupe and 10x and look at the drum where the lines are reappearing and you will or should see lines etched on the drum. strange though, sometimes it will print perfect and then random lines. If a drum is nicked, cleaning will not help at all. there is the drum blade, but also the revovery blade that can get get particles on it, but if it prints all day then that should be fine.
    I have also seen this on the fs-1135

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    Re: KM/CS 500ci Lines on drums

    This happened to me on a 300ci. I wish I could help out but I kept cleaning/replacing drums until the problem went away. I changed drums, developers, transfer belt and I believe the drum motor. Come to think of it, maybe the drum motor was the last thing I replaced and that might have done the trick? This happened a year ago and I'm not sure what order I replaced things.
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    Gar the pilot

    Re: KM/CS 500ci Lines on drums

    I did try changeing blades with another used drum unit ( it had spots) and also putting these drums in a diffrent drum unit ( also used with spots) . I put in Black and yellow units from a diffrent machine yesterday, ran the copier to test it, then left unpluged until this morning and the black has a line on it. will unpulg and check on monday. I am wondering if the cassette heater or something like that is causing the problem. These copiers worked so well to start off with, if only the consumables would last, or at least not cost so much. so many of ours have only 50-70K on color but bad drums and belts. 4-5 years old and shot. The B/W copiers do so well.

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    Re: KM/CS 500ci Lines on drums

    the drum motor when weak, will cause the internal waste toner build up and end up leaking through cleaning blade in the drum assembly. .

    if you take the back cover off, can you stop the motor with a plastic stick lightly. if you can, the motor is shot.
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