Our office has four of the KM-3050 printers. We're happy with them but sometimes they do some funny things in regards to the network. We've upgraded to newer Ubiquiti L3 switches and everything else seems happy with them but the Kyocera printers no longer want to use DHCP and oftentimes require a few cycles to even use a static IP. I was wondering if there is newer firmware available. I tried looking at the Kyocera and Copystar sites but can't find anything.

When I look at the webpage built into the printer I see this:

MAC Address: 00:c0:ee:1b:65:30
System Firmware: 2GR_2000.035.002
Engine Firmware: 2GR_1000.018.001
Panel Firmware: 2GR_7000.032.001
FAX Firmware: 3KH_5100.011.001