Hi all. First post on board, hope it's not too much of a doozey!

We are a network consultant firm for the Kyocera/Copystar vendor that they bring in for all network related matters. The Vendor is excellent at all things copier related, however the utilize our firm for all network matters.

THe vendor installed a IB-50 NIC into a CS-3510i for a customer. They configured the network settings on the IB-50 and tested it by printing. Background on the usage of the IB-50 is that the customer is actually 2 customers in a shared office space, but wish to maintain 2 separate networks. In order to do this, the customers' IT consultant recommended a 2nd NIC for the copier. The vendor obliged and provided them the NIC and installed/configured it.

When the IT consultant was unable to figure out how to scan to each separate network, they asked the vendor, who referred them to us. As we have not ever seen this solution for this requirement (we would have created VLAN's and had the router do the leg work for them instead, much easier and less stress on the copier to differentiate between NIC's), we are unfamiliar with setting up the IB-50 or even configuring the CS-3510i for this purpose.

We suggested that the IT consultant simply use scan to email to move past the issue of having the copier figure out which NIC is the preferred NIC and just let the mail server sort it out. But as all IT consultants and/or customers, they may wish to do things "their way" and simply insist on continuing to use SMB scanning over both NIC's.

Again the IT consultant stated that the CS3510 displayed a message that only 1 NIC can be used as a preferred NIC for scanning, something I have not seen before as we never used the IB-50 add on NIC, but here are the questions:

- Is what the IT consultant correct that only 1 NIC can be used for SMB scanning and the CS-3510i cannot differentiate between them for scanning to different subnets?
- If it is not correct, please describe how we can move past this for SMB scanning (we are pretty familiar with command center and can follow decent instructions).

Thank you for your time.