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    taskalfa 7551ci error c6120 and 7601

    i am randomly getting error c6120 which is relating to the fuser over heating. we have replaced the fuser several times well within its lifespan and atleast once every few weeks we get this error.

    in the event log i can also see error 7601 - ID sensor 1 error. the ID sensors are clean but this randomly sometimes appears.

    the firmware version is 2N2_2000.006.051 2016.12.05 this was updated about 6 months ago.

    i have little experience on the kyocera's and your help is very much appreciated.


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    Re: taskalfa 7551ci error c6120 and 7601

    Here's my list of suspects:
    Induction heater heavy connections to the IH PWB. look for discoloration, tightness.
    Then, power quality-try another circuit, circuit breaker, power filter/surge arrestor. Some filters have event logging for low/high volts, current.
    Then, look at the induction Heater PWB.
    After that, try the induction heater coil itself.

    I have my doubts that the 7601 codes are related... the transfer belt cleaning system is always my primary suspect for ID sensor codes.

    Good luck,

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    Re: taskalfa 7551ci error c6120 and 7601

    check your wires from sensor for lose or broken connection....and try and firmware update usually clears up alot of the BS.

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    Re: taskalfa 7551ci error c6120 and 7601

    behind the right side rear cover is a small barrel fan. this is the IH heater fan, it collects dust like no-one's business. remove the cover and you will likely find a massive dust ring around the fan. clean the fan and reassemble. This will correct this problem.
    If you phrase your inquiry properly, you will get the answers you seek...

    Good Luck ... You'll need it! HAHAHA!

    ~Big Dan~

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    Re: taskalfa 7551ci error c6120 and 7601

    The_Murph is right. I just had one today. The squirrel fan was completely clogged. There is a mod fan filter for this problem. P/N 302N494240.


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