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    kyocera TA 2552 color toner

    Can someone tell me if the TA 2552c and 3552c toner compatibility I know they are different toners but can you tell me if the copystar and kyocera brand are interchangeable

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    kyocera TA 2552 color toner

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    Re: kyocera TA 2552 color toner

    Same parts and firmware.Different toner.

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    Re: kyocera TA 2552 color toner

    Copystar and Kyocera toner on newer units are interchangeable. They started doing it a while back. I was told it was mainly done for national accounts so they could be serviced by a Kyocera or Copystar dealer. The last digit of the TK number designates when it is Kyocera or Copystar. Last digit of 7 means Kyocera and 9 is Copystar. When they are out of the Copystar toner they ship us the Kyocera toner. You used to have change the model destination for the toner 2 for Kyocera and 66 for Copystar or it would give an error due to the toner. But now the toner is the same now and works in both units.


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