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    Black density on the Kyos

    Have a customer with a 7052ci in the marketing department that are just complaining about the black solid fills on this machine. Machine is new. I've noticed on the Kyos that density of a black solid fill is not so black, its kinda dark grayish. Of course the customer had a Kon Minolta prior and had samples of dark fills from the previous machines to compare... ugh.

    170920 7052ci scanned samples 2.jpg

    Anyway, have anyone tried adjusting these for a better dense black solid fill?

    dont' know where to even start, any tips? or leave it alone?
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    Re: Black density on the Kyos

    1st check and make sure that EcoPrint is not turned on. I have had several customers turn it on, then then complain that the prints and copies are too light. If that is off try calibrating. Then run sheets in 089 if black has a problem, copy quality can be warrantied and replace the part drum or dv under warrantee. I could be that the dv is not putting down enough toner.

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    Re: Black density on the Kyos

    Another option, rather than digging in and messing with components and parts, I would play with changing the color profiles. You can add up to (i believe) 3 different profiles based on other manufacturer's standards. It may be as simple as loading the Konica color profile and no diggin, no guessing on potential part failures. How long have they had the machine? Is it possible that they crammed a waste-filled (K) cartridge into the black toner slot? Worth a check...
    If you phrase your inquiry properly, you will get the answers you seek...

    Good Luck ... You'll need it! HAHAHA!

    ~Big Dan~


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