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    i have a kyocera 4551ci machine the error code C2730 is the transfer release motor inside the transfer belt. i replace the transfer belt but the error is still there.even the old transfer belt is giving the some error code i did Try the Press release motor check (U030) and see what the result is there is a noise coming out i marked the old transfer belt buy it seems its not rotating please need assistant asap. thanks in advance.

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    Re: C2730

    youre looking at the wrong transfer release motor. SECONDARY transfer release motor pulls back on the transfer roller that's on the vertical convey unit.
    That's operated by a motor with a cam, and has a photointerruptor for sending the position. maybe yours has the sensor dislodged, or dirty inside... or the disc is spun on the shaft.

    This one got me the first time too... wasted s a belt

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    Re: C2730

    I had the same issue, Sparky is correct. I had the worm drive gear on the motor slip free. Had to replace the motor. Take care while pulling it apart, you'll want to remember how it goes together or you will have 2-4 take it apart moments. Good luck.
    If you phrase your inquiry properly, you will get the answers you seek...

    Good Luck ... You'll need it! HAHAHA!

    ~Big Dan~

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    Re: C2730

    did you hear any "click" sound near the right vertical convey cover?

    if your machine had make some horrible sound in right cover.

    try to take a look STR release system.

    most of case is release drive housing already broken


    sometime the driving gear or motor also defect


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