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    Re: Orange Highlighter Not Copying or Scanning at all on new M8124cidn!!

    Quote Originally Posted by chris@kokstadcopiers View Post
    The big difference between these 2 models are the scan units. Yesterday we compared the two against each other and the color on the old unit scans perfectly. On the new M8124 it doesn’t pickup the yellow and orange at all. Yes, we did try changing color scan settings. Not impressed by the new M8124 at all.
    Will upload the compared files.

    we use to default our machines to text and would always give us darker ever-all image. Factory default is text/photo
    you may also try the map setting
    there is also a vivid setting
    and would use full color not auto
    Many settings it only takes One to be off to screw it up
    Prevent Bleed-through on or off?

    Try the easy stuff first don't over think Kyocera's
    full color
    text mode
    bleed off
    density manual

    One other kyocera trick any default change setting will require a reboot . Power off and on to take
    affect.. Or you will see No change even if shows on display panel. IE changing default color to black panel will show black even on the web page but still scan in color until a reboot.

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    Re: Orange Highlighter Not Copying or Scanning at all on new M8124cidn!!

    Update on the highlighter scan issue. We replaced the Kyocera M8124icdn with the M8130icdn and problem was solved.

    The M8130icdn do have a CIS where the M8124icdn do not!!! Customer happy again.

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