On the T/A 3501i/4501i/5501i the upper left cover is replaced with a different cover when you install a finisher and I am rebuilding a number of these models for sale to my customers. A few of them don't need or want the finishers, so I am removing them, but I need the original upper left covers to make them look whole again. I know I can probably order these through Kyocera sources, but I'm looking for a better deal, hoping some of you have them laying around from your initial additions of finishers.

They are really no good to anybody laying around collecting dust, so I'm hoping to buy a few of these (6 or 7 will do). Part# 302N404050

Do you have some?
Will you sell them to me for a better deal than Kyocera? (approx. $65.00 dealers cost)
I would say pretty please, but I don't know how any of you look, so.