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    KM5050 jams halfway out of fuser

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    Re: KM5050 jams halfway out of fuser

    Quote Originally Posted by blackcat4866 View Post
    Still no jam code?
    I have not been back to the customer since I disconnected the finisher and I personally wasn’t able to duplicate the jam, but the customer had texted me a picture of the jam so I could see it located.

    It is at a CPA office and at this time of year they are using the heck out of it so when it was jamming consistently for what they said was 30 minutes I just needed to do something to keep them running.

    I was able to see the pages in their recycle bin of all the ones that had jammed and they all looked similar where you could see it looked like it stopped halfway through the fuser as opposed to accordion type jams.

    If I get back and it jams for me I will definitely make note of the jam code.

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    Re: KM5050 jams halfway out of fuser

    If you pull out the top section above the fuser, there should be a one way bearing that is starting to slip when it reverses to feed the paper towards the finisher. Usually you can just clean and lube the shaft to fix it for awhile. (if I were to tell that to somebody on fb, I'd probably get kicked off for a few days.)

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