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    Argo E-mail server

    Assuming this is an out of house SMTP server using the free Argo software you can turn a in house PC into a mail server so that it's server talking to server. Easy to set-up but the PC you set it up on has to stay on

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    SMTP error

    Make sure the machine has a valid email address. I spent two hours with a similar problem and that was the fix. It will not authenticate without a valid email address. That is installed in the command center.

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    3101 for scan to email is an SMTP authentication error. Basically, you are connecting to the Exchange server, but it will not let you in. This can be a host of things.

    Check the SMTP port, I had one set to 5050 the other day and this was giving 3101. This can be checked easily by opening a users Outlook and checking the details in Tools>Accounts.
    Add the domain name in the TCP/IP set up in capitals in the web interface.
    The senders email address must be the same domain as the Exchange server (i.e.
    If you have set a relay in Exchange, then switch off authentication and test. If this fails, then you will need a valid user account details and the corresponding email address for authentication. When you enter the username, it will need to be domain\username. Authentication is usually needed for non in house mail servers.

    This should really be everything you need as it usually just works.

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