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    KM 3035 Transfer problem

    Hi friends,
    I have problem regarding the transfer.In KM 3035 the printed copy is too light after checking the machine find out that image is not been transfer to the paper ( clean the transfer roller,main charging unit) can anyone help me to fix it.thanks in advance

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    original kyocera toner and firmware up to date?

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    light copy from dev unit

    If you are using non original toner this can give pale copies. Make sure you have original toner installed. Even sometimes with original toner it can happen but less often. In either case remove the dev unit from the machine, open the top cover ( 2 gold screws ),vacumm out all the toner, remove the doctor blade ( 2 screws ), gently wipe off all toner sticking to the rubber blade underneath the doctor blade, put back the doctor blade ( snug it upaginst the mag roller then tighten the holding screws ), put back the cover, put he dev unit back in the copier, run Sim 130 ( 10871087 then 130 then Start ). This will add fresh toner to the dev unit. It takes about 7 minutes to complete.
    If you now have original toner installed, the copies will improve dramatically. Humidity can sometimes cause the toner to clump under the doctor blade limiting the actual amount of toner it allows to go onto the mag roller. This procedure will only take 25 minutes and cost no parts so it's a good first step to try. Good luck. Let us know how things turn out.

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    You might also want to look at the transfer roller springs. I had a machine where one of the springs was gone (the one that sat on the plate) and the copies were very light. Switching the remaining spring to that side brought the copies back to normal, but the transfer roller had to be replaced because I never could find the missing spring (plus some tabs had been broke).

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