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Thread: Mita DC 3060

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    Mita DC 3060

    This machine when turned on, says to add 11x17
    paper, but the only two drawers are legal and letter. The user has to press the paper select key
    everytime before making a copy. So my question is how to get into tech rep mode and how to change this setting. Also the copies go into the Hotel Duplexer
    but never leave, any common duplex probs. with this machine?
    Any ideas?

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    Jeff M.

    Re:Mita DC 3060

    Couple of things I would check. Does the machine have an RADF? if so, check the plastic block on the lower right corner of the RADF that pushes down on the original detection switch. There are two springs that hold down this block, and one is probably broken, so it cannot push hard enough to activate the switch. Second, make sure the original detection switch is not broken. Third, make sure there is not any paper behind the cassettes, giving a false paper size reading. But I\'ll wager that it\'s the RADF. Hope this helps. Regards.. Jeff M. B)

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