OK lets start. I assume that you can get on a browser page from the IP of the scanner correct? If so look on the left side for you email settings. You will need your SMTP host name or IP address. (try the address first, sometimes you need smtp.xxx. sometimes not) Check the port, as default is 25. If your SMTP server is an exchange this should be all you need for this part. You may not need a login name and password if the exchange is not relaying out the LAN. If your SMTP requires SSL, you should stop here. Scanner card wont work with SSL. After your register on the bottom, look on the left again and add your name and email address under sender. Register. Look on the left and add your name and email again under email address. That should get you close. If you get an error under history on control panel, let me know. Scan to folder work well also if you want. Will need a program called scanner file. I can send to you. Please send a private message to me and I can send that ( 4 megs or so, and a screen shot on how to configure it that i made up). Russ