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Thread: mita 4086

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    mita 4086

    problem with duplex,looks like the paper falls between the side giudes of the duplex and when the giudes move the paper bunches up possibly cuasing paper to loose contact with actuator the duplex does not copy 2nd side without removeing paper from duplex the copier will read ready to copy and i can push print and another copy will feed to duplex this may feed in or jam becuase it gets caught up on the first paper allready in duplex any help

    thanks jim

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    Re:mita 4086

    There is a photo sensor on one of the side guides which is adjustable...if it seems only a litle tight. If it seems WAY off then my guess is it may be detecting the wrong size for the copy paper. Maybe inch/ metric setting problem?

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    Re:mita 4086

    That this was the biggest pile of junk ever built. It\'s time for an upgrade! If you cant talk them into it then try adjusting the home position sensor for the side guides.

    Does it do the same thing for all paper sizes?

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