What have been your funniest Customer moments, were you wanted to Laugh

Hi All,

School Secretary called in complaining (as usual) apparantly a Teacher had approached her and said the machine was constantly jamming from A3 and was highly stressed because she had to use the Zoom function to make her A3 copy fit to A4 and was not suitable for her class..
I was lucky enough to be literally 2 mins away, I got the call and details and headed towards the school. I got into the school and i approached reception when the teacher, who reported the fault was giving out to the Secretary and Principal about how stressfull this ordeal had become. I walked in and introduced myself, and got a bit of hairdryer treatment of the Principal. I asked that all three join me in the Photocopier room as it was located 50ft away. I was in the room and i asked the Teacher to demonstrate what she had done...
She began to put the book on the glass and pressing 30 copies and start, surely enough Jamming, so she cleared the jam crunching the paper etc and time after time it happened until i agreed to quickly have a look. The Principal and Secretary stood over me and complaining of course while i began to clean etc and check the Feed rollers. I had been there roughly 20 mins after checking the rollers etc and cleanind the reg and sensors with the Principal banging on that it was happening for the last 2 days when i the time had come to do a test.

I placed a A3 copy in the DF and press start and sure enough the machine jammed to the delight of the Principal "See i told ya, a piece of Junk" so i proceeded to clear the jam discovered an A4 sheet in the vertical feed section " thats weird i said" and pulled out the A3 tray to have a closer look. It was then that i discovered that somebody had put the A4 sheets side by side in the A3 tray and pushed the fence up tight. I asked the Teacher if she had loaded the paper in the bottom tray and she quite frankly replied "Yes" to my delight.
I then asked her to show the Principal how and why she loaded the paper. I then heard her say that when she put the book on the glass to copy the machine said load A3 paper so she believed that the photocopier would make the A3 paper if she put the paper side by side in the cassette. I have to admit i laughed so hard that i even found time to ask smartly to the principal Who does the hiring..... great to see that when i did load A3 the machine never jammed and talk about the principal having egg on his face WELL!!!!