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    wrong toner

    Printer toner and copier toner not the same and will not add toner

    gearing is differant in copier and printer models amd are not interchangable

    use the correct toner in each model

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    Well, I think I can safely say the problem is fixed. The FS-9520 had copier toner in it, so that was fairly straightforward. The copier had the belt that runs from the motor over to the bypass drive come apart. It was together just enough to turn the toner-add gears when I watched them with the toner removed, but would stop turning when the toner was inserted. What threw me at first was how the toner solenoid kept cycling on and off so rapidly. I was under the assumption it would just click on until it had the toner it needed and then click off. Oh well, it was a good learning experience on the Kyoceras and I am still very happy that the entire main board didn't have to be removed to replace that belt.

    Thanks for the help.

    Now, does anyone know why the transfer rollers get so filthy in these things?

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    transfer rollers

    yeh there crap cheap machines

    not that this helps of course


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    Quote Originally Posted by welshman View Post
    blah blah blah
    thanks for trolling.

    Quote Originally Posted by AnthonyH View Post
    Now, does anyone know why the transfer rollers get so filthy in these things?
    I've only had issues when the main charge causes black copies (no thanks to those wonderful grid cleaners). The only other problem I've had is when the customer slams the side door shut and breaks the spring section on the transfer roller.

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    hahah i carry those lil cheap plastic clips and a few springs from old PM kits all the time sometimes i wish i could lead an engineer around for a week or two......

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