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    TA5500i and the MP Tray

    I've got a customer that does a lot of printing from their MP tray. More specifically they put a cover page in the MP tray and print the rest of a packet from the regular trays. When they print just one at a time everything works great. When they print in sets (I'm talking 10 - 30 in a set) the MP tray will randomly, and I mean randomly, not lift. You can slide the paper out and back in and it starts working again. I replaced the lift motor and the lift sensor with no luck. The cables look great and there doesn't appear to be any physical problems with the MP tray. They have two of the same machines side by side and the other works great. Currently I have them pulling their cover sheet from cassette 1 but they'd like to get the MP tray working properly again.

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    Re: TA5500i and the MP Tray

    You know I'm wearing my Kyocera hat when I ask if you are using the latest firmware. For the time it takes it's worth trying to upgrade it because you'll be surprised the strange faults firmware can resolve.

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