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    Fix for jams in the PF-75 paper deck

    I have a FS-9500DN with the PF-75 paper deck, and the PF-75 was jamming. I don't have the 'API program' for testing, nor does the machine give jam locations. Nonetheless, I was able to figure out the problem.

    There is a drive belt between the left and right pickups (see attached photo), and for some reason the belt was catching on the indicated gear, causing the drive to jam. Belt debris on the gear was the clue to the cause. It could be due to belt stretch, but it seems more like a design flaw. The solution was to add an idler roller. This particular roller was salvaged from an old 3.5" hard drive. The roller was for the head assembly, and has a threaded hole at one end which made mounting easy. This fix has worked well for more that a year. Another side-effect of the fix is that the rattling sound from the free-running belt was eliminated.

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