Sorry I Cannot contribute as much as most of others on this bullentin board,My experience is limited to machines of the distant past,the forerunners of todays equipment that you all post about.So in the end,I become a taker and not much of a giver.I do some service and try my past to make a living to pay my rent.So
my service on any new equipment is VERY MINIMAL.So I have very little to offer in terms of newer equipment help,I AM AT YOUR MERCY THEN>The one thing I do have is that WE ARE ALL TECH BROTHERS ,I HAVE OVER 35 years experience in the copy business ,that at the very least makes me ONE OF YOU>Someday you may find yourself in the position I am now in,dependant on The HELP of newer Techs.Please respond to my once in a while pleas for help on this TECH bulletin board,YOU MAY FIND YOUSELF IN MY SHOES SOMEDAY