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    Re: XC9235 black banding

    fyi you will definitely get the run around from lex. i have called support before and couldn't understand the rep. i asked to speak to someone else and was told that wasn't an option. i have also asked to talk to the next level of support and been told that also wasn't an option. (different phone calls on each of those). each time i hung up and called back to get someone else on the phone. i have been to lexmark training and calling the support center for a few years now. of course their first question is did you update the far as a fix that one is beyond me. just thought i would add my 2 cents about the support. good luck.

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    Re: XC9235 black banding

    *fixed!...again! reallly!

    Aright you guys were right, it was the laser.

    After getting into a bit with our dealer rep and proving that the machine was in fact still under warranty for 3 more months...
    ...and then getting into it with useless support.. "i send you fuser, that fix good time, i know"...I made them send me a laser.

    Odd thing the laser, not seen one with all 4 laser diodes on the same side...comes out pretty easy and only needed the color align in the user maintenance menu ran. Prints fine now.

    During all this we found out that tech support has been outsourced to a 3rd party company and the call center is in Columbia, none of them are trained and lexmark is 'looking into getting them trained'

    Thanks you everyone's input!

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