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Thread: T644 Jamming

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    T644 Jamming

    Have many years in service, but just recently began servicing Lexmarks at a large Honda dealer (38 printers)..I 've learned them pretty quickly, but, I have one T644 with 3 trays that was jamming on the bottom tray constantly.. The paper was always caught between the two small "pinch rollers" on the left side of the paper feed assembly just after paper is pulled from cassette. Out of frustration and not knowing the "little things to do" on this, I ordered the entire 500 sheet assembly including cassette. It STILL jams in the same place. There are 3 other machines sitting with this one and they are fine.. Anybody with experience know any "secrets" about this??

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    Re: T644 Jamming

    there is a veritcal drive shaft on the front left side that starts in the main printer unit all they want down to ur last tray. when u set the printer on the trays the drive shafts connect and thats what drive those pinch rollers u are referrring to. either the shaft is broke in your bottom tray or the one above

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    T644 Jamming

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    Lightbulb Re: T644 Jamming

    This Parts & Service Manual can now be purchased for $12.77 and downloaded immediately after payment from:

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    T644 Jamming

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    Re: T644 Jamming

    If the printer prints from the 2nd tray with no problems, there could be a broken shaft (as noted above) in the 2nd tray. This would cause the pinch rollers you described not to turn. To see if this could be the problem, switch the 2nd and 3rd trays around. If everything starts working, you've isolated the problem to the original 2nd tray.

    BTW - the drive shafts are located in the front left side of the stack trays. There is a round protrusion in that corner, the shaft is inside it oriented vertically.

    If you need anymore assistance, or manuals, you can email me.

    Hope this helps.

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    Re: T644 Jamming

    Although the last posters are correct and that is what I would look at as well to begin with, also look at the electrical connection on the bottom of tray 2 as you state that paper is getting advanced a little bit. Seems maybe the electrical connection from the pass-through sensor may be faulty.
    Swapping accessory trays is usually the easiest way to see if it follows the tray/drawer or not.


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